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Beat the Intro

Beat the Intro is based on the new TV series where you can check your musical expertise and compete against your friends. The aim is to guess the the title of the song that is being played, and there are a variety of ways that the songs are played, making some rounds trickier than others. Listen to a song exerpt and workout the matching singer and song title, spin the record and hold it at the correct pace so you can discover the well known song playing and unscramble jumbled up pictures of familiar artists.

Beat the Intro features a complete collection of music related games with a multitude of songs, well known lyrics, artist pics, song titles and music facts with tons of questions to be answered. Includes songs from the amazing EMI music inventory, with songs made by iconic artists such as Queen, Michael Jackson, REM, as well as images and facts about pop artists. Beat the Intro, the 1st Music Quiz & Party game on DS & Wii! Your own Mii can be used to play this game, and up to four people can play at once.

Beat the Intro (wii)

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